Finances and Insurance

At Gower Family Dentistry in Beaufort, we understand the importance of providing high-quality dental care for your entire family. We believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional dental services, and we strive to make it affordable and convenient for you. We offer a range of flexible payment options to ensure that you can receive the dental services you need while accommodating your unique financial situation.

Insurance Options

We work closely with various insurance providers to help you maximize your dental benefits. We accept a wide array of insurance policies and our knowledgeable team members are here to assist you throughout the process. If you’re uncertain about the coverage provided by your insurance plan, feel free to reach out to our office for a complimentary benefit check and breakdown to determine what services are covered under your dental plan. We are more than happy to support you in understanding and navigating your insurance benefits.


BCBS of SC which also includes Grid+, MetLife PDP Plus and Federal, Cigna DPPO,
United HealthCare, Lincoln Financial, Guardian Dentalguard Preferred, GEHA

Dental Wellness Plan

For individuals seeking an alternative to traditional dental insurance, our dental membership plans offer a valuable solution. By enrolling in our dental membership program, you can enjoy reduced costs on routine dental cleanings, checkups, and other dental services. Our membership plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage and additional savings for individuals and families alike.

Affordable Care for Healthy Smiles

At Gower Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing affordable care without compromising on quality. We believe that financial concerns should never be a barrier to excellent dental health. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to find the best payment solution that meets your family’s dental care needs and fits within your budget. We understand that every family’s financial situation is unique, and we strive to provide personalized assistance and guidance throughout the process.

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We look forward to providing you with exceptional dental services while keeping your financial considerations in mind. Together, we can achieve healthy smiles for the whole family.